Sunday, 24 July 2011

Nail art: Funky and wacky in d most stylish way :)

If you think nail art is just painting your nails in different shades, then its a time to update your knowledge. Today, nail art is an another form of art where one can show his/her creativity. Check these pics……………..

Do nail art at home!

While it's best to let a nail art professional give the finish, you can still do a fairly good job right at your home...
You will need: Nail polish, nail art stickers and a good design to follow.
How to: Start with cleaning your nails and clipping it perfectly. Then apply a base coat. Before you begin your nail art you need to create your canvas. Depending on the look you're going for, you can paint your nails with a neutral colour. Do two coats, as it strengthens the nail and leaves a better finish.
Let it dry thoroughly. Create your nail art on top of the base coat. Roll your brush or other tool in one colour of paint to make sure the paint adequately covers it. Keep your art simple. There's plenty of room for creativity—you can create flowers, smileys, abstract designs, etc. to your heart's content — but don't make your nails look too cluttered or busy.
Care for your art. Re-apply a clear top coat every two or three days to protect your art. Nail art stick-ons tend to lose its adhesive quality when you eat with your hands or clean vegetables etc.

Nail art: Funky and wacky

Getting clad in right attires and teaming up the perfect matching accessory – you might be all set for a rocking time.
But what can add more to our fashion sense and style is experimenting with nail art, which can add that punch in your overall personality. Here's what all you can try with your nails...
Funky is in : A crazy hairdo and wacky attire are striking, but what about your nails? Colour them in funky shades too to make a statement, says British nail technician Jacqui Jefford. Jacqui says this is the right time to wear crazy nails with loads of attitude and confidence.
"I have seen people carrying crazy hair styles and dresses with confidence, but most of them play it safe with nail colours. This is the right time to add funk to your nails and make a statement," said Jacqui. Jacqui, who is also a mentor and consultant to Scratch Nails - a nail salon in the plush South Extension-II shopping centre was in the capital to teach nail professionals about international trends. Jacqui, 50, has been in this business for the past 25 years and believes that people still do not take the business of nail care seriously.
"It is very unfortunate that people ignore the only part of the body that goes into the mouth. We pay attention to our attire, hair and skin but how many of us regularly take care of hands?" Jacqui questioned.
"The first thing we do when meeting people is shake hands, and if our hands are not manicured what kind of impression will we give to the other person? She elaborates: "Most of the time we look at our hands and not face, so it is important to make them look good to feel good."
Jacqui's love for nail art started way back in 1974 when she was just 16. "I still remember how I became beautiful from ugly in just 10 minutes," she explained.
"I used to bite my nails a lot and they were in a pathetic shape. One day my friend got nail extensions and her hands looked pretty. I thought I should go for it too and when I did it cost me 20 pounds! It was way too expensive and then I started reading on the subject and finally I took it as a profession to offer cheap yet quality service to people," she added.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Box Clutches!

If it’s one thing you can’t carry to a party it’s your big bulky over sized hobo bag, especially during the holidays, and so in the grand tradition of this holiday party season it’s time to toss the totes and carry the clutch. It may seem impossible to fit everything you need into these little compact cases but with a little bit of luck and the willpower to downsize you’ll get the hang of it before the season is over. It’s just too bad we can’t all be witches and cast spells like Emma Watson in Harry Potter to make our purses all Mary Poppins like.

No matter how dainty this clutch may look the signature Alexander McQueen skull on the (1) Nude Studded Brittannia Clutch give this elegant piece at little intriguing edge. If you’re going to be rocking LBD’s everywhere you go this season you might as well have a bag that packs enough color to make up for it, as does the DVF (2) Lytton Love Knot small clutch with it’s tribal print mixture of black, white, yellow, green, pink, and orange. If it’s one time of the year when everyone can pull off as much glitz as possible it’s now, the (3) Lulu Townsend Glitz Glam Clutch packs the kind over the top sparkle that offsets fireworks, sparklers and whatever else that’s glittering come New Years. Bottega Veneta is an all-time fave luxe label, and the funky color of the(4) Lagoon Knot Sfrangiato Leather Clutch will look perfect with bright funky colors, as well as understated neutrals. (5) Sondra Roberts’ Lace Flower Minaudiere is too cute for words, the delicate lace shell makes this piece the most precious purse we’ll carry all season.

Box clutches are going to be almost compulsory in coming months, so I've picked out a few of the most striking I've seen, at prices to suit all budgets.
This is a trend I'm still a little wary of, as I like my luggage soft and squishable. But hard edges are in, and it's definitely time to adapt! And hard bags do have their advantages: they protect fragile, easily damaged items like makeup and gadgets, they don't tear, they keep their shape indefinitely and they cope much better than all-fabric bags in the rain - a subject very close to my heart after last night's downpour! So let's hear it for box clutches.
  • Top row
  • Left to right:
  • French Connection applique 'Appache' over-body box clutch: £45 at Asos
  • Bottega Veneta pink satin woven box clutch £710 at Browns
  • Asos Luxe beaded hexagon box clutch £18.60 at ASOS

  • Middle Rowleft to right:
  • Oasis black faux-snake hard case box clutch, £20 at Oasis
  • Celestina shell hard box bag with chain, £860 at Net-a-Porter
  • Anya Hindmarch stripy Marano clutch bag, £177 at Net-a-Porter

  • Bottom Rowleft to right
  • Anya Hindmarch silver Marano clutch bag, £240 Net-a-Porter
  • Sara Berman box clutch in faux-snake petrol blue, £140 at Urban Outfitters
  • Bottege Veneta suede box clutch, £763.70, Net-a-Porter
Michael Kors


Judith Leiber's famed Cupcake clutch. Since cupcakes are all the rage now, why not carry one on your hand...

Alexander mcqueen

Alexander McQueen

Monday, 11 July 2011

Floral splashes!!- jaw dropping picks 4 this season!

Rs. 2590 at Zara
If u cant handle alot of floral print just accent ur outfit with tiny accessories like this bangle.

spring summer by Kurt Geiger.
Rs 1790, Zara
It's the season to wear flowers -- white daisies, red roses, strawberry petals and green leaves. From Givenchy, Chanel, Giorgio Armani to Valentino and Dior, all have thumps up for this flowery passion. Recently Vanessa Hudgens was flaunting her pretty floral dress at the premiere of Watchmen.
Forever 21

forever 21

Oxford shoes made pretty.

floral set by aldo accessories-perfect for sunday brunch!

Floral print in the most subtle of colors.

Floral print cross body bag available at Accessorize.

floral print bangles

Carry a floral clutch and brighten any outfit. Very apt for summer 2011.

John Lewis

Whether they opt for ditzy flower prints, a sprig of paisleys, a splash of bright blossoms or hand painted close ups of exotic flowers, this look is a must-have in any fashion collection.
For those who want to wear the look this year, there is plenty to choose from. The floral look usually comprises flowers on fabrics that are printed, embroidered, embossed or painted. The style, however, is not easy to adopt, so it is best to understand the trend before wearing it.
available in Lifestyle, Only, Vero Moda, Forever New and Accessorize.

Go for Bright Blooms
Here's a little hint: iF you're doing Sex and the City glamour this season, take inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw and go for bold, bright blooms. As seen at Gucci, there's no mistaking you've caught the floral fever bug with these look-at-me prints. For Vandana Singh, model-cum-socialite, ``Wearing florals are the best compliment a woman can give herself to feel feminine. I've seen women look very appealing in soft pastel florals in wollen printed dresses.''
Flirty Floral  Dresses, Anyone?
There's an interesting twist to floral patterns for fall. Florals on dresses have become dramatic. Balenciaga tailored the print into sharp jackets, Gucci tossed bright blossoms onto sweeping gowns, and Valentino sprinkled them on his cocktail dresses. Says Says VJ Sophia, ``It's great to show-off in flowers. They're so feminine. There's nothing more exciting that wearing daffodils on your dress.''
Everyone is indulging in the `feel-happy' and `feel-good' flowery patterns, this fall. Says designer Kaushali Kumar, ``I think there's energy of nature in flowers. It's exiting to wear florals in winter -- which are dominated by greys, blacks and browns.''
Now, for your snob value this fall, flaunt your roses, lilies and daffodils on your dress!
Aldo's spring summer collection.

All items on the model are available at FOREVER NEW.
The bralet, especially in floral prints..available at forever new..How to wear it : Pair the bralet with high-waisted skirts or shorts.It can also be worn under jackets,blazers or denim vests. Be experimental without making yourself look provocative !!

The perfect statement ring for spring.. Accessorize.


Valentino Garavani

Flowers, often synonymous with romance, have arrived on the fashion scene bringing with the happy mood of the season. Summer brings in sunshine and optimism, and it is this spirit that pervades the fashion scene now. And though the floral look comes back to style every other year, it is always interesting to note how the look has been interpreted and re-invented each time.
Unlike other trends, experts say that when you want to opt for the floral trend, make the fabric your starting point. Then choose the print and the silhouette.
"There are two ways you can wear floral prints," says Varuni Mohan, style and luxury expert. "The first way is to wear it on chiffon. In the case of this fabric, you can wear layers of chiffon with floral prints, worn in voluminous silhouettes. It could be a strapless empire cut dress that falls to the floor or maybe a top with big bell sleeves. The second way to can wear the trend, is to use satin. Opt for the more graphic, clear prints that are not too busy. Here, the silhouettes can be more structured like a pencil skirt or a tailored jacket."
As to how to wear the look right, it is best to check out a silhouette that will suit you. If you are on the larger side, keep the floral prints smaller. It is not possible to carry off large floral prints, especially in satin, without looking comical. You can get away with larger floral prints in chiffon because there is more movement in this fabric, whereas for satins, it is best to stay with simpler and cleaner lines. If you want to do florals on cotton, opt for tailored jumpsuits and summer dresses that are very pretty..
"If you want to make a statement, wear a flower that will stand out," adds Varuni. "I would personally use an exotic floral motif, like a hibiscus or a lily or a bird of paradise, rather than a generic floral print."
A flower filled summer, both in fashion and in our world, is sure lift our spirits through the season. Why not learn to do it in style?
Too apt for spring time!!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The world goes round :oOoOoOoOo

Moschino Resort

Marc Jacobs 

Polka Dot Dresses

Want to feel stylish, classy and be a super sexy woman? Then a polka dot dresses is your answer! Your choice will surely make you not only look sexy but feel sexy and flirty as well. I am sure you will agree with me that every woman loves to wear dresses that best match their body-cutting and complimenting their fashion style. What’s more when the dress you wear suits perfectly to your body size.
Polka dots dresses are now the trend, the latest in-fashion for the past few years. This is because of the uniqueness of the polka dot patterns from many designer collections make them so popular in the women’s fashion for both mini or a maxi dresses even skirts and shoes. However, being very fashionable, some people still face the problem of not knowing how to make the polka dot dresses work for them. In fact, they can make or break an outfit! Simply by studying the way of wearing polka dot dresses, it definitely will keep you from seeking dotty. What’s worse, it will bring you way back to the 60s or even 50s. You surely do not want to look to old fashioned!
Add polka dot dresses with a modern twist. A few peep-toed stilettos or perhaps a spaghetti strap tank top leading causes it to be seem entertaining and also new-aged.A new pretty belt could split up the actual polka dots upon any kind of dotty gown or even dress, as well as layering may boring lower the actual spectacular dots on the dotty shirt. Additionally, if you’re putting on the actual dark polka dots, it may be combined having a dark dress or even pants plus some coordinating pumps or even houses to create a person appear much more expert as well as fashionable.


I’m loving these black and white, neutral tone dots accessories in fun and contemporary style. My top pick is the spiral dot straw tote, which reminds me of coming summer days at the beach.
[Clockwise from top-left: skylar dress $44.50, handmade wooden bead earrings $25, Terrence Kelleman's magnetic desk dots $16, spiral dot straw tote $50, Miss Sixty polka dot ring $38, and gradient dot flip flops $4.99]

What Shoes to Wear with Polka Dot  Dresses

Some women find that polka dot dresses are something fun fashion choice that they can wear. Take heed, wearing the right shoes are important cause this will make your outfit look pulled together and not silly. Polka dot dresses have been all the time in style, somehow they may be the best accented with accessories such as jewelry, shoes, scarves, purses and hats. By taking the correct accessories, you will surely be a hit wherever and whatever the occasion!
A polka dot dress is cute and flirty, but you must be aware of the size of the dots to make sure they are in right proportion to your body. This will not turn you looking smaller or bigger than you are. Take this biggest challenge by making this polka dot dresses work for you rather than they control your appearance. Historically they are a vintage item, but time has changed.